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Taste the Difference

Organic grapes. Naturally delicious. Our unwavering dedication to sustainability isn’t just the right thing to do. It also makes for more dynamic wines. We reach for the finest organic Italian grapes harvested at peak ripeness to turn into exceptional wines for those who don’t make exceptions. Compromise less. Celebrate more. Cheers to peak living.

We are stewards of the land, cultivating her highest expression today and for generations to come. Our wines are made for those who recognize the interconnectedness of all things and live accordingly. We hold our responsibility of caring for the earth most sacred so that you can feel good about experiencing the natural abundance of our ancient world in every sip.

Great wine is grown, not made.

Solar Power Energy: Harnessing the power of the sun. We source (or offset) 30% of our energy from solar panels.

Drip Irrigation: Our drip system irrigation avoids waste by allowing the perfect amount of water to reach the vines precisely when they need it. 

Naturally Delicious: As custodians of the land, we are rigorously committed to environmental sustainability, preserving biodiversity, and actively improving the quality of our natural resources. 


Crisp, refreshing, organically grown goodness with aromas of ripe pear, yellow apple, and hints of lemon citrus. Less intervention. More flavor.


Fruity, earthy, organically grown goodness with notes of ripe cherries, hints of vanilla, and light oak. Less intervention. More flavor.

Terre Siciliane IGT

As the largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily is a veritable paradise for grape growing. Its warm Mediterranean climate, diverse winds, altitudes, and ancient soils weave a tapestry of infinite potential. The island's limestone-rich soils reflect sunlight and keep the vines cool. Its more robust and savory wines are born of the volcanic earth near Europe’s largest active volcano, Mt Etna, while its more delicate and aromatic grapes are cultivated near the tranquil sandy shores. Each sip of our Sicilian wines transports the senses to this magical Mediterranean world, where nature's bounty intertwines with the Old-World artistry of sustainable winemaking.


Terre Siciliane IGT



Profiting from generations of winemaking experience, we are part of a long line of families devoted to the cultivation of organic grapes, preserving the integrity of our terroir with a sustainable approach. Our passionate and skillful team of oenologists and agronomists work in close contact with our vine growers following the entire product life cycle from the vineyards to the harvest and the bottling to bring you everything you want in a wine and nothing you don’t.

We craft brilliant Sicilian wines from organic grapes so that you can share in nature’s unadulterated abundance. Wines for those who recognize the benefits that come with connecting with nature and who honor their role and impact on the ecosystem. Our commitment to environmental sustainability is matched only by our dedication to proving how amazing wines made from organic grapes can be.

We believe...
You should raise your glass as high as your standards.
The relentless pursuit of a fruitful and flourishing life is everything.
Wine should be a celebration, not a compromise.
We should all strive to leave the earth better than we found it.
Less is more.